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BIG QUESTION about gaming rig


Broken In
MY current pc

i5 3450
asrock z77 extreme4
sapphire 7850
gskill ripjaws x 8gb
corsair force gt 120gb
wd caviar green 2tb
corsir gs 600

ok so now i want to upgrade my pc....i was thinking of crossfiring 7850 but i have gs600..some say it can handle some say it cant some say better be safe than sorry....so now i was thing of buying a 7850 n corsair tx750

tx750+7850= 6000+15500=21500(ctc hyderabad)

OR shud i buy a new graphics card gtx 670 for 21000(from shenzhen china)

so what shud i do?buy one gtx 670 or 7850+tx750??


IMO dual gpu scaling is not that much perfect as single GPU. So if possible buy singly gtx670 but again it will cost you around 28k and then you have to sell your 7850 which is again a pain in ass. So now its your call.

PS : Dont crossfire on GS600


Right off the assembly line
I prefer Single powerful GPU. In Bangalore SP Road, you will get the ASUS DC2T 670 gtx card for 25k.
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