Bestial KungFu BeatEmUp style game


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Hi everyone,

I released my kungfu game for android. In gameplay it will remind you the gaming style of sega, nintendo's KungFu, Spartan X and other similar games.

Use Kicks, punches to beat zombies and 5 bosses. As your level goes up you get news attack styles.

YouTube: Bestial: KungFu - BeatEmUp Game (Android) - YouTube

PlayStore: Bestial KungFu - BeatEmUp Game – Android Apps on Google Play

website: GamesGreh

I have made it alone, did all coding music some graphics & animations. Please take a look and share with your friends who like such game :).

(If you are a developer and interested in talking over such projects pls contact, i am also selling full game source codes. I am available at Buy and Sell Apps and Games for iOS and Android | Chupamobile as grehelectronicgames.)

Thank you.


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First post as an advertisement of your game doesn't look good. This community is for those who help out others or seeking help. Not for promotion.

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