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Best rig to build around the 7970?


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Hi all
ok so I've been away from the pc gaming scene for a while now due to various reasons but mostly since my Xbox 360 has always sufficed

Ive been hearing many good things about this new gpu however so I've decided to purchase a new rig, but at the same time I don't know much about current techs in the pc gaming scene, and more importantly, what to avoid

The rig will almost exclusively be used for gaming, since I don't partake in any other type of heavy computer use. I am flexible with the price of the rig, granted that it doesn't have anything too outlandish (ie ssds in raid or something)

One of the main queries I have is whether the 3930k is worth it from a gaming standpoint. I know that current games are mostly single threaded but how is the situation looking like in the future? I don't want to spend money unnecessarily but Id rather get something nice now and keep it future proof for the next few years

Thanks for your time folks
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Ahhh thanks last time i visited this forum was about 5 years ago when it was still a free for all and people usually just posted their requirements however they wanted XD

1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Generic answers will not work. Be exact and avoid the word 'et cetera.')
Ans: Almost completely just to play games. I already have a laptop which I use for general use and for my work. I don't intend to do any other intensive task like folding or benchmarking or what not. I also like to run multiple clients of mmorpgs.

2. What is your overall budget? If you can extend a bit for a more balanced configuration, then mention this too.
Ans: I would prefer to stay within the reach of a 100k-120k for just the rig.

3. Planning to overclock?
Ans: Not really since i live in a very controlled environment where ambient temps are usually around 30 degrees already so i doubt the comp could stand it on standard air cooling

4. Which Operating System are you planning to use?
Ans: Windows 7 'Desi Edition' [if you catch my drift XD]

5. How much hard drive space is needed?
Ans: Not really that much since I play just a few core games like Skyrim, WoW, DeadSpace. I do plan to play a few more games that are in the horizon such as ME3. So i'd say about 300 gb max

6. Do you want to buy a monitor? If yes, please mention which screen size and resolution do you want. If you already have a monitor and want to reuse it, again mention the size and resolution of monitor you have.
Ans: I already have a monitor. It's 1920x1080

7. Which components you DON'T want to buy or which components you already have and plan on reusing?
Ans: I have the monitor, keyboard and mouse.

8. When are you planning to buy the system?
Ans: As soon as i get a few suggestions and finalise my build ;)

9. Have you ever built a desktop before or will this be done by an assembler?
Ans: I have built a desktop a few times but the last time was quite a while ago

10. Where do you live? Are you buying locally? Are you open to buying stuff from online shops if you don't get locally?
Ans: I live in Toronto, CA at the moment. I am from Kolkata originally tho. To be honest i actually 'prefer' to buy online ironic as it may be XD

11. Anything else which you would like to say?
Ans: Yes, I am in doubt about the viability of the 3930k as a future proof processor for gaming. As in, are games ever really going to be multi threaded, or is it best to just save money and get a i7 2600 and get a second 7970 instead? Also, since I don't plan to overclock, is it in my interest to get a more basic Motherboard or do the premium boards offer other things that are of relevance to a gamer?

Well anyway these are the two configs that i currently have in mind:
Intel I7 2600
Enermax Revolution 85+ 920w
Cooler Master Haf 932 MATX
Sapphire Radeon 7970 x 2
G.Skill Ripjaws-X 1600 8 Gb
Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3
Generic DVD Writer
Corsair Force Series 3 60GB

Intel I7 3930k
Enermax Revolution 85+ 920w
Cooler Master Haf 932 MATX
Sapphire Radeon 7970
G.Skill Ripjaws-X 1600 8 Gb
Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3
Generic DVD Writer
Corsair Force Series 3 60GB

The two rigs cost almost exactly the same in price, since the mobo in the 2nd one is about 7k more, and ofcourse the added premium on the 3930k

Which rig do you guys think is more balanced, future proof and overall most favorable to buy? I was also thinking that perhaps if i did get the 2nd, i could maybe add a 2nd radeon in a year or so


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For gaming, you don't need anything more than i7-2600K even for the distant future. (yeah, get K since you are getting a Z68 motherboard) These two items should be around $500.

i7-3930K + X79 is overkill. These two items only would end up costing in excess of $900. But as a platform for Crossfiring, X79 is better as it has plenty of PCIe lanes.

I'm wondering about one thing. Will you really crossfire two HD 7970? I mean, HD 7970 is a pretty strong card - the fastest in the world and maxes out everything at 1920x1080. You won't need two of them, honestly. One HD 7970 is expected to cost around $550. Availability in mid January.

For SSD, Corsair SandForce drives have reliability problems at the moment. Get 120 GB Intel 510 Series.


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hey ICO correction......for purely gaming rig nothing more than a 2500k cpu or ph2 1100t
or wait for ivy-bridge they are gonna cost same as SB atleast in Canada & US not sure in India.
hey jz2linkinpark
If you are from Canada try ncix.com or newegg.com for online shopping they are trusted
ncix offers good deals there in Canada.


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Thanks for the tip about the ssd Ico its precisely that type of specialised knowledge that brought me to this forum for advice :)

Yeah i kind of agree on the tip about not getting a 3930k to be honest. It costs $660+tax whereas the 2600 costs 350 so the difference comes down to about $350 when counting the tax, which is pretty hefty on the wallet

I am not too willing to get an i5 however since the price difference is about $100 and i just dont think that kind of savings warrants getting a [even somewhat] inferior product.

And thanks for the advice on websites Snyper i was actually thinking about using a mix of ncix.com tigerdirect.com and newegg.com :)

And I'm still thinking about the two 7970's tbh. I will most likely order one to start off with, and if i feel that it performs adequately then great but if not then ill just get another


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jz2linkinpark, I think you should go with Core i7 2600K + NF200 chipset based Z68 boards. They offer more PCI-E lanes than the normal Z68 mobos and will offer multigpu setting at X16-X16 mode.


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For gaming, it would be a sandy bridge.

But If I were building this rig, I would just wait till Ivy Bridge and reap it's 22nm benefits.


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Hey all. Ok so thanks all for the feedback and I suppose you guys were quite right the rig just wasn't that optimized for gaming. Well anyway I've started researching stuff again and what do you all think of this? I've put all the money in where it counts and let go of the useless stuff:

I5 2500K
Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD4-B3
8 GB G.SKILL Ripjaws 1600MHz F3-12800CL8D-8GBXM
80GB Intell G2 SSD
Sapphire 7970 x 2 [tentatively will buy one; my regular dealer sites have started listing them at $599 + tax which equates to about $700]
Silverstone ST1200 1200 Watt
Silverstone Raven RV01 Case
Dvd Writer

2x EK 7970 blocks
2X EK 7970 Back plates
EK-Supreme HF Performance CPU Block
RX480 Quad Rad
8x Scythe GentleTyphoon
Swiftech MCP 655 Pump
EK Crossfire Extended Bridge
XSPC Dual 5.25" Reservoir, with slot for Pump
Red 1/2 inch tubing


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^^ change the mobo & get ASUS P8Z68-V-PRO ;) get Corsair AX 1000w cause HD 7970 CF needs only 750w ;) (according to guru3d) & go for CM Storm Trooper ;)


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OP, the SSD that you have specified is 80GB. Can you tell me if you plan to have your OS alone in it? Or you would want to load your games on it too? If you opt for the latter, your SSD is a bit small.

Your case Silverstone Raven RV01, seems to have some design issue. Go to the link below and read the very first Top Comment. I am not sure if you know any issues or not, but I thought I might let you know since I was searching for the review of the same case.

#1038 - SilverStone Raven RV01 Case Video Review - YouTube

Extreme Gamer

Your radiator wont fit in an RV01. But there wont be design issues lol. It is a rotated ATX case. it is fully compatible with for

Get the full nickel blocks for the CPU and GPU, as copper is prone to oxidation.

Get barb fittings or compression fittings. But remember that barbs are WAY cheaper.

Get EK or Bitspower for compression and EK, DD or bitspower for barbs. Avoid quick-disconnect and rotatory fittings because they tend to leak.

Design your loop with a drain plug and a fill plug in mind.

DO NOT BUY the loop along with the components, and selecting a good case is critical. The only ones I have in mind are from Danger Den, but I doubt you will spend so much. The only alternative is to externally mount a 480 radiator.
DO NOT put the CPU and GPUs in one radiator. Get a 360 for the CPU exclusively. The Laing D5/Swiftech MCP 655 is a good pump, but the EK 4.0 is good enough and significantly cheaper.

I am probably the first person in a few years who had done a custom loop in this forum. You can ask me for advice if you wish.

Watercooling is no joke and I would suggest you do months of research before spending even a single paisa on WCing equipment. Get your core setup first.

Also, if you plan to use the setup in India, buy the stuff in India.


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Extreme Gamer, are you using a water cooling loop? If so, can you post pictures of it? Or give link to your pictures?


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Thanks a lot for the help guys. In the end i got a crucial m3 ssd/corsair gs 800 psu/a 2600k/4 gigs of ram. Cost me around $1400 total (60k ish) so all in all im pretty happy with my purchase since its working great and i didn't completely use up my allotted budget. I don't think ill add a second 7970 since tbh i don't see much difference from playing at vanilla 1080p and 1080p with full aa, af, fxaa turned on so i don't really think i need the extra horsepower.



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Thanks jask! Yes Zero Core is pretty sweet i think - idle temps are at a cool 30' C [with room temps of about 20' C]. Even the psu is running quite nice I think [saved about $150 getting that one instead of an Enermax 1000 watt]. Yupyup ill be sure to submit benchies to hwbot; TDF zindabad! Heheh
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