Best Internet Broadband Service in India

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For me Tata Indicom is the best! Their connection are a bit faster than BSNL for the same connection and CC rocks! But unfortunately i heard that they do bandwidth limiting for their users! That is bad! :x :x
With airtel going all down with its fup and tata indicom too putting absolute major limits with its own adapted policies, is there any good package left apart from bsnl 500 C+. Atleast 1mbps + with free night unlimited ? but cost wise good too ?
Yeah..i'm agree with you. It is posibly the best afordable plan for the heavy bandwidth user.. It's based on dyanamic ip and provide a really good dsl connection (a flat 2mbps)...It's used by my friend for more than 1 year..But now exactly the same plan might not be avaliable.


The plan is available online... i mean u can purchase a 360 hr pack or 180hr pack of the same plan online.... my friend recently recharged his account using that plan
airtel is good when it comes to service .. really nice speeds... but until recently the plans were even affordable. I feel that the company has increased the service charge after perfecting its infrastructure.

so now its BSNL H500C that one has to get along with. although they took complete 3 weeks to setup a landline and modem.

can anyone suggest some means of mobile connectivity - one that offers turly unlimited browsing at an affordable rate? .... BSNL EVDO is a good choice but the officials at the exchange say that it would be dead outside the city you bought it from i.e buy it from NOIDA and it would work only and only there.
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