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Best Entry level DSLR???

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Planning to buy an Entry level DSLR.The Cheapest and the best.Price and Performance Have 50% Waightage Respectively...Any recomendations Please???


I think nikon d60 with vr lense is pretty good for beginner . I am recommending nikon because nikon usually have better that avg build quality , quality wise none is better than other.

Also check new D3000.


aka. ViKiD?
Ill seriously say you get the Sony A200 .... its the best entry level DSLR in the sub 30k category....

Some people may feel lack of LiveView is a big thing....but trust me its one of the biggest plus points... since it helps you in getting hold of real photography ...

Also Image stabilization is inbulit in the Camera body itlself so you dont have to spend extra moolah on IS lenses...which IMO are darn expensive....

As for additional lenses the cam has a Sony Alpha/ Minolta A-type mount....some of the manufacturers for such mount types are : Sony/Sigma/Tamron/Minolta/Konica Minolta (old Ones)

Sigma/Tamron : these have one of the best budget VFM offerings for the same.... you can get real cheap lenses offering great performance and real expensive pro stuff later on....

So seriously shove anyone on teh face if he/she says lenses for this cam are expensive....

Check out some of my pictures from the same cam using a Sony 18-70mm and a Sigma 70-300mm APO DG ....


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