Best DVD Drive ?

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Hi Guys,

Now that SKOAR had offered 2 DVDs with it,the time has finally come for me to get a DVD Drive[Dont ask me how i lived all these days without one....all my my Digit DVDs lie untouched....hell :oops: ]

OK,so I'd like to buy a DVD Drive[no combos or Writers...just a plain DVD Reader],based on your experience,which is the best brand ?

NOTE: I'd like to buy a DVD Drive that SUPPORTS DVD-REGION DEPROTECTING SOFTWARE[like DVD Region Free etc].....cause i dont want to have problems with reading imported DVD movies 8) ...alos,I'd like to be able to read the PS2 DVDs on it[the emu might be eady in 2 or 3 years :D,I'd want a PS2 ready DVD Drive..hehe..]

Waiting for some suggestions :D


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Dont tell me that none of you guys own a DVD Drive :roll:
Plz,somebody...I gotta give my dad the brand name,so that he can get it today in the evening :(


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i have SONY DVD rom quite happy with it
and about your region code problem, almost all dvd players/roms can be unlocked, if they r region locked.


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go for asus/sony/liteon , liteon and sony are the same. dont go for lg or samsung.


:evil: Stay off from Samsung (and Toshiba) - all of their products, as they are cheat :!:
:evil: :evil: :evil:
I have proof, and I will post my experience soon here for all of you :!:

:) My personal Favs r LiteOn or BenQ (nee Acer). Easy on the pocket but works like charm. Also, if u can affrd, get a writer instead of ROM drive as prices have fallen considerably... :wink:

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I personally own a SonyDDU1621 and it works gr8 all dvd formats
supported and works with Region Free[now DVD Idle]

Liteon ASUS drives are also good.


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Sony here too, high quality.

And I have 2 words for u Samsung [Cant put it here]. Exp with it really sickening .


i have used a SONY DVD Rom , worked fine.
On Another pC I have an ASUS DVD RW - works fine.
SAMSUNG combo is a bit troublesome. Tray problems.. wont eject..


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asus and sony drives are best....i know samsung tray prob is universal but there is one thing in which no one can beat samsung....their efficiency to read scratched cds and dvds, no one can beat samsung in that thing....



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samsung , how can you regard it the best ones?

i boguht liteon dvd rom for 1500

and benq cd rw for 1350

how is benq cdrw?


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Pioneer DVD-Rom with Slot, i.e without any tray.

its workin gr8, no probs!! :wink:

i also have Sony CD writer.

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