Best Cryptocurrency exhange for India with INR deposits and withdraw?



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How did you invest? In the current scenario, the prices of BTC's are down. Isn't this a good time to enter?

You have to find lowest price in set of 3 days and invest

That's very difficult

For now ₹4.8L is correct point to buy and ₹5.30L is to sell


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You can buy bitcoin for ₹500 in wazirx
Bro there are many startups in India which are acting as an exchange for selling and buying BTC's. One of them is CoinDCX | India’s Biggest Crypto-Crypto Exchange with Highest Liquidity
Now buying or selling is not something which intrigues me, what does is those cloud mining companies. See the gpu mining thing went down long back. Now people are paying these professionals like Home - Smartcryptomining , just one of the mining companies, not sure whether its legit or not. They take a registration fee and do the work for you, when you generate some BTC's they take some commission and send the remaining back to your wallet. This is about what I was asking about.
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