Best build quality laptop.


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Which brand makes laptops with best build ?? @60k (exception is APPLE)

Which is the best build laptop in these brands ?


Akshay Biyani

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HP j110tx ROCKS as it has aluminium body as well as a nice Backlit keyboard.
You can also try for the P045tx model. I dunno whether it has Backlit keyboard. Beware z50 sucks, the viewing angles is the worst in these three laptops.


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I'm using the z5070 4042. 46k 2 gb 840m. The horizontal angles aren't bad at all, though tilting the monitor back will completely screw the image up. Without a physical colormeter I can't actually calibrate it, but even in the store, with a sidebyside comparison with the current crop of fHD releases and movie clips with loads of dark and light scenes, the 4042 did subjectively seem better than the 53k fHD by Lenovo.

Of course, this could just be because I'm used to crappy laptop displays.


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The display. It seemed slightly better than the 53k fHD one. Neither seemed bad in the showroom, even though I know the pitfalls of a glossy display, but now that I've purchased it, the display is kind of a negative. Thankfully, with my use case being 95% inhouse usage, the weakness of the display doesn't matter very much. Additionally, I'm visiting the us next year and may just replace this fHD panel with a better one.
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