Best budget 128gb ssd for desktop


Hello friends,
Currently i am using internal 1TB seagate hd with asus mother board prime A320M-K
and i wanna upgrade to a ssd 128gb hd just for loading os and for faster booting..and i will be using the current seagate hd as storage device

i am looking for some budget solutions around 2k

should i go for

Consistent SSD 128GB (CTSSD128S6) ?​


Starlite SCUDA SATA 2.5 ?​

or go for off the budget and much bigger space

Western Digital WD Blue SN570 NVMe 500GB​

also i am not sure whether i can use this ssd as normal storage device .. if i buy another new ssd in future with same technology

any help will be appreciated.. thanks
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2k for 128GB is too high. If you have a NVMe slot on your PC, get at least this Silicon Power SSD:

128GB is pointless now, 256GB is the minimum you need to store OS + apps without worry. Get 512GB if you want more space.

SN570 is a good SSD, no doubt.


thanks for the reply..
i checked that too earlier but thought it was meant for laptop..
yes my mb has nvme slot that my hardware engineer confirmed
i would go with this
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