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Best android games you have played.


some of the good ones that i like : Asphalt8,Flow free, Real Racing3, Classic Words Free, Deer Hunter..


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play PvZ 2 on PC using an android emulator :-D

I tried in bluestack. 1st it was working fine. And now I can't open the apps without connecting internet.

BTW my android emulator is slow as hell. I even tried switching Intel x86 cpu and gpu host. Still it's slow.


In the zone
I played Royal Revolt a month ago and I am absolutely addicted to it! I will definitely recommend everyone play it at least once to see if they like it. I finished the game and then reset my progress and am about to finish the game again :D

Hint: Sword Rain and Cannons are your friend.


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Flappy Bird :p

WARNING: I'm not responsible if you play flappy bird after reading this and cause any damage.


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Riptide GP and AVP Evolution. both must play on 7 or 10 incher tabs, specially the latter for Alien & Predator series fans.


Flappy bird

w/o any doubt

Warning : Dont blame me if you cause yourself, your phone's or someone's skull fracture while playing this game. And this game CAN RUIN your life.
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