best 5.1 speakers

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hey guys please tell which is best 5.1 speakers system

iball 5.1 Home Theatre Speaker (Booster)-rs3400

Sony Speaker System SA-ID5000-rs 4400

Creative Inspire T6200 -rs 4700

Creative Inspire T6100-rs 4000

reply fast


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wats ur budget?

By the way the cost seems to be way too high...
Creative Inspire T6200 - 4K
Creative Inspire T6100 - 3.5K


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inc VAT...
In chennai...

T6200 is not worth it...
Get T6100...
Bargain n get for atleast 3.7K


Best speakers at 5k is the Logitech z506.
Close your eyes and don't think anything else, trust me they are the best for that price.

Earlier it was X540 but its out of production now.


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But are they avail for 5K?

OP If Logitech z506 fits ur budget, get it...
Else get T6100 eyes closed...


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I would suggest going for Inspire T6060.

Spec: ront/Rear: 8 Watts RMS per channel (4 Ch) Center: 18 Watts RMS Subwoofer: 22 Watts RMS


Front: 6 Watts RMS per channel (5 Ch) Subwoofer: 20 Watts RMS

When you buy this 5.1 speakers, get dedicated sound card as well. I would go for Creative Audigy (5.1/7.1) INR 3200.00 in Trivandrum

Built-in sound card and this dedicated have very much difference.



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Logitech Z506 is not good. It has fake Tweeter Design. The sound hurts the ears for me. The Mids is not good and Bass too is Muddy. When I upgraded to it from Creative T6060 I felt it was wrong and returned back to Creative T6060 which is Better.

Logitech Z506 is not good as it has no well balanced sound output. The Mids is not good and Bass is weak and Muddy. Its Tweeter Design is fake. Moreover it has slightly faster decoding output which is not pleasant to hear Melody Songs. For me after hearing its sound for more time I feel some inconvenience in my ears. When considering Creative Speakers T6160 has low Power output and T6200's remote's Volume control becomes loosey and unstable which is a common issue for this model and its not worth to buy it. Then T6100 has no remote control and has no metal covers. Finally Creative T6060 is better than T6100 with metal covers, compact wired remote control and one extra Tweeter in Center Speaker. Though its Bass is not deep and loosey it is the better option to get but I think it is not produced any more.


Go for Creative Inspire T6200
It have CMSS Upmix technology with overall great sound quality & it is worth every penny as of now
Earlier it was priced above 7k!

Its specs :-

Front/rear satellites 4x 7.5 Watts Centre satellite speaker: 18 Watts Subwoofer: 22 Watts

P.S - logitech is crap in front of creative when it comes to sound quality!

No. 1 is Bose

No. 2 is Creative & Sony! ;)
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