Beam Fiber's Crazy Cheap Broadband Plans


iam on now same 600rs plan
and my speed got upgraded to 1mbps with fup of 20gb and after that i get 786kbps not bad at all..
downloaded 65+gb of stuff last month..
other plans r good too


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just hope beam comes to other cities soon... do they have any plans of expansion in the near future?

all AirHell customers are definitely going to switch to beam :razz:


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@asingh: Errr. No... WE want this Stuff in Delhi!!!!
Man, the plans they have, is CRAZYY!!


Uhu, Not Gonna Happen!
:D, I hope they launch it soon in B'lore although we already have Acttv as fiber optic ISP...but not at those rates :)


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^^ Spectranet is offering me 512kbps unlimited at 599 per month. How is that plan guys. It is TRUE un-limited. Will i go for this or Reliance/Airtel?


Lets not just go calling it fake. I have Railwire in my neighbouring apartment (but not in mine). The plans are so good that I almost shed a tear at the loss.

Usually these small scale ISPs provide more VFM.


Uhu, Not Gonna Happen!
I have heard issues with railwire...bandwidth issues download speed is real slow like that.during some of the days the browsing speed is itself very slow. in BSNL atleast it is constant. But I am not happy anyways.... :(
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