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Battlefield 4 Discussion


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Valid address means can I give a relative's address in the US and still pay using a CC (talking about the digital download on 29th ofc)?

You can, i got a RANDOM USA address on internet to purchase from amazon. They don't validate. I paid with credit card, i don't think Amazon will send billing address to bank as i see big providers only need CC No, EXP Date and CVV2 to charge you. The smaller sites that use third party processing company will do fraud checking on billing address to avoid fraud/charge back. Even flipkart will accept credit card with out proper billing address.


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Quick info here guys.
BF4 will be $25 on 28th Nov but this will be only for a period of 3Hrs. After that it will be $35 for the rest of the day and again change back to $30 on 29th. So grab while u can.
Sad part is that this amazon offer is only eligible for US residents. :(
More info here ->
[Amazon] Black Friday Sale - Day 7 : GameDeals
Can I use VPN or proxy to buy the game via amazon or is it risky?

No need to use VPN or proxy. Just visit amazon and buy it. We can buy it, amazon only need a US billing address. Get one from Googl.e

Already set alarm for 29 Nov, 5:40 AM, that is the time $25 bf4 promotion starts in india.

It will be $20 as amazon give $5 credit towards next purchase.

^Played BF3 before? If no, buy it, if yes... I suggest you wait for the next iteration.

This must be true, but i don't think i can skip this $25 offer. Game still crash ?
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Origin will also have black friday sale for 24 hour . So if bf4 is 50% off , you can get it via origin mx for like 38$/2 = 19$ :D



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No, sales time is 29 Nov 7:40 AM to 11:40 AM. I will be getting it.

You get to play 30 days ahead of all others. Dominate noobs with your fully unlocked weapons :)

err Premium? that two weeks only.


I got an error during checkout. My order is marked as cancelled. They gave an error msg saying to wait 4 hrs before making another purchase. Should I try to buy again or not?
I'm a sad panda :/


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Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2 for Rs. 54/-. Anyone getting it ?

@rock2702, your inbox was full yesterday. delete some pms. Got bf4 ?
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