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Bada 2.0 OS/ Samsung Wave 3 S8600


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No....seriously there is no thread for Bada 2.0 and no discussion thread for the new(?) Samsung Wave 3 S8600 :-x

Well keeping that in mind I surely want your inputs on this new phone and the OS. I have zeroed many phones in the range of 10k - 18k and i found that Samsung Wave 3 S8600 could be real treat keeping in mind its attractive pricing:| .....

I am in immense need of a smartphone and guys like me i guess need it mainly for casual surfing, touch treat, multimedia and few but useful apps.
All of your suggestion are welcome....and consider this as a playground for Bada 2.0 OS and I mean that please judge it unbiased ...Android is gr8, ios is cool and win 7 is attractive but they also started from the begining only. Thats it.
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Right off the assembly line
C'mon ......more than 80 views and no replies....plz do share your experience with this new Bada 2.0 OS and Samsung Wave 3 S8600:smile:


One of my friend has bought new Samsung Wave 3 S8600. It’s a fantastic smartphone with awesome features and he's very happy with the performance.


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BADA is not a smartphone OS you would want... Its junk. And has no apps whatsoever. Please don't buy Wave phones. You will hate it...

Android is awesome... Highly customizable, tons of apps and games, very powerful OS... Samsung Galaxy R is good for 20k... Sony Xperia Arc for 20k is another very beautiful smartphone... These phones have a real smartphone OS.

Sony Neo V for 16k, Defy+ for 16k, Samsung Galaxy SL for 15.5k are good options too...


Right off the assembly line
Hi fellas,
I opened this thread regarding suggestions on wave 3 so after lots of pondering I finally settled for Samsung Galaxy R in January and its been 5 months since I am using it.

I would like to say one thing, no matter how good a smartphone is you will eventually get bored of it and the only thing which will will keep you interested in smartphone will be the new apps, updates and any new thing that will happen.

So in all to sum it up Bada has to go long way when it comes to apps :shock: ...Hence untill unless app market of Bada OS enlarges it is not going a worth buy:mrgreen:


Hardware of bada3 is awesome as per it's selling price. but os is very bad. I also plan to buy wave 3 but finally brought omnia w
But if u use old symbian os previously I don't think u get any problem using wave 3


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Given 15k to buy a phone i would happilly go for samsung omnia wp7 or nokia 701 , in accordance to software it self because it is a dumb os, with hundreds of apps .
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