AVI files not playing ???????

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Cyborg Agent
i installed media player - 10 ....
and all the patches and updates given with the auto patcher with digit in september ......

the problem is the AVI FILES ( ie the movies )
are not playing
it is tryin to download a codec and then only the audio part is playing
why is this happening??
how do i set it right???
i dont want to use any other player !!!
so wat to do ...???? :?:


Another Brick in the Wall
You might not have the required codecs to play the file.

Find out the required codec using Gspot. And then d/l that codec, install, and now play the file.

D/l VLC player, it dont need any codecs. Just d'l it and play any files, even DVD movies.

D/l ffdshow, install it and now try to play the file, it will play.

or (if you are lazy)
D/l K-lite or ACE mega codec packs and install them.

Video codecs which are used commonly in avi files are divx codecs (div3, div4, etc..) or XVID. So use Gspot to find out the codecs that you need and d/l them.


In the zone
u can go on with just a codec n playin them in mp10
install divx and while selecting products, just select codec (and no player)


Just Do It
I've had the same prob. the softwares mention in this thread cudnt opened it, some opened it but were really crawling.

I had a backup of Virtual Dub and used it and it worked well for many formats.

What u have to do is open the file in Virtual Dub and then again click on file[Icon] and then PREVIEW, u can see any formats u want.

Try it out...


Just Do It
QwertyManiac said:
Hey achacko wud u like googleing if u mind ?

Dont act SILLY.

I wouldnt ask for a CLEAN link if it were on google.

Most of the d/l links for the softie dont work here. Hope u got the point.

I wanted to knw where the other dude got it from so i cud try that link whehter it works.


Just Do It
Ringwraith said:
hey! hey! u alrite m8 ?
ohh i see u are *On a Warning* :p

Lol, so what?

Anyway do u have a downloadable link for Mplayer[I mean a clean working link]

<< Cheers >>
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