automatic partition restore from cd/dvd

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i want a software from which i can create bootable cd with automatic restore of partition. right now if i make a image of my partition i have to boot from a cd then restore the image. so it would be better if there is a software were the image is on cd's or dvd with boot option and a resotre button, click the restore button ... which does the rest. in other way say an customised automatic restore cd/dvd.

i found a software, paragon system recovery, but atleast the downlaod link is nt thr. plz help me find a s/w like this.
link for this s/s : *



If you wanna software with which u can create a bootable cd which restores ur partitions and also helps u in time of system crashes, the best and easiest solution is to use Norton Ghost v10.0.
It runs in the background keeping snapshots of ur system and when u think u should keep a backup image with the current setting which ur system has then just burn the backup image.
It will give u a bootable cd with the working partitions and every other setting which u had when u chose to burn the back up.


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none of the software allows us to boot from a cd and restore. i mean the CD which has the hard disk image, so boot from the cd, a simple interface, which will ask do u really want to restore, say yes. your partition is recovered from the image.

using ghost or acronis, u hav to make a boot cd of theirs like boot from the cd then select the partition then search for the image...... Sometimes you may have to use PE cd (eg, Bart PE)..

Just in case someone finds a s/w the way i want it, plz let me know.
Paragon system recovery, this s/w does it, have a visit : *



Right off the assembly line
one way to make a restore cd\dvd. (winxp or newer)
1, get ultraiso8 and ghost12
2,make a backup with ghost
3, make a rescue disk with ghost12
4,use ultraiso and save the content from the rescuedisk in a iso file, remember to make the iso file bootable before saving.
5, still in ultraiso put the backup folder or files u made with ghost into the iso file image.
6, push F7 and burn the restore dvd or cd.

on older computers use driveimage 2002 and just backup directly to cd, the first cd will automaticly be bootable.


The thread may be an year old. but the requirement is genuine and ever-present. And here is a part of the solution. THanks people.
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