Audio issues while using Firefox in win 10.


I am running windows 10 ltsc v 1803 on a pc with the below config:

Q9400,4GB ddr2,g41 mobo,gt 210

I've observed that whenever i watch any youtube videos on firefox,the audio tends to pop and crackle and distorts quite a bit.However the same issue doesn't occur while playing any youtube video using chrome.

Also if i play any video on my pc using vlc while firefox is running in the background,then the same issue occurs ie audio distorts often.However these issues stop once firefox is closed.

What could be the cause of these problems?

Earlier when i had win 7 installed on this pc,i didn't face such issues with firefox and all videos played without any problems whatsoever.I tried running firefox in safe mode but to no avail.


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What codecs are being used in both cases? You can rightclick on the player and click "Stats for nerds" to get the codec information. I feel that they are both using different codecs.

If the codecs are the same, then check if you have hardware acceleration enabled in Firefox.


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In addition also try downgrading or upgrading Firefox.
See if starting Firefox with High priority makes any difference.

Run CMD as administrator and then type following commands.
cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox" (Or full path wherever Firefox is installed)
start /high firefox.exe

Now check again.


Earlier i was using potplayer and it couldn't play hevc videos without proper codec support, so i had installed Lav filters.

Can lav filters cause such issues with FF?


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Open task manager & see the cpu usage while issue occurs & compare it with when using chrome to play the same video.
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