asking the most stupid Q : WHAT TO BUY PC TABLE . sugg plz

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asking u the most stupid question in the history of the forum :

I want to have a good computer table . so plz give me advise and configuration . or I should not buy the table and place the computer in some other way ? :?:


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also want to know price , brand of ordinary computer table and also for extra-ordinary Pc table (if any) . which kind of table is most suitable and which is worst :?:


Do not get tables that have place to keep ur cabinet which is closed.....

basically get a simple table where ur cabinet gets enough air...


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What processor do u have?? and whats power of the smps. If you have a prescott series P4 then Dont use tables which is closed , as said by Kniwor.


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it doesnt matter what processor u have, in indian climate everything gets burn. so buy a table which hasnt got closed box for ur cabinet. if u dont have enough space then go for smaller pc tables but let me warn u that u wont b getting any space for ur printer/scanner etc. i have a bigger pc table and its perfect. on top, i have my monitor, speakers, phone, mouse, printer. make sure the keyboard slot in the table has slider. u know the one which goes in and out :)

one more thing, whatever u buy, pay close attention to the chair, if u choose wrong chair then u will b suffering from back pain for the rest of ur life


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Another important aspect you should look for is that the mouse plam rest position - which should be at the same level as that of the keyboard and you shouldn't be stretching your hands to reach out for the mouse....
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