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Are you an original gamer or a pirated one?

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So we all like to game!

But do we people get the original copies or download/buy pirated ones?

I go with "NON"-originals!

Post your thoughts and/or your side!


Legen-wait for it-dary!
Pirated. You can get them faster in India, than wait for shipping. And most games arent available originally in India.


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1.most 360 in india is hitachi drives...so chip modding is like les than 10%....in india...that is......

2. here soft modding via firmware flashing is common....though i wanted to mod min myself...but rrod is dettering me....its costa upto 7k for me a month on org games....

3.RROD doesnt care abt chipping..thats what u asked....
its doesnt mean that RROD only happens if modding occurs....

4.RROD is due to instable hardware from MS....*****es....its overheating...melting..crap..alot of stuff....google RROD....

5. A frnd of mine flash modded his 360..and when rrod stuck he just called MS and send it for replacement...it WAS replaced....they are too damn busy nowadays i guess.....they do put in a pirated disc to check it....usually...

6.if u can open ur 360 without tampering the warranty sticker from the front and flash mod it ..u have betetr chance....my frnds was like this...

ALL SAid..a fellow gamer of mine just fixed RROD himself....order X-Clamp fix....and some cool mods....and just did it himself...cost abt 10k..but it is worth it...its modded and bye bye RROd

and oh...every 1 in 3 360 will RROD...so good luck......;)

thers a place in chennai..game flash..near ritchie street....2k for flash modding....


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I first download and play pirated edition and if I like the game, I buy it else, I just finish it and then do a Shift+del

but for the first time, for NFS Prostreet, I did Shift+Del after just playing it for some 20 minutes.
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i buy one original game per month-be it for console or pc..and some used console titles from other ppl.tht makes some good collection and also piracy free :D


Caballero de Real Madrid

then we could make it together..if u have anythin to sell..drop me a pm..if i have i be droping u a pm....

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