Are passive 3D glasses universal?


I was curious during my last movie visit as to whether the glasses that come with TV sets (obviously passive ones) would work in the movie theatre too?

I am aloof with the latest developments in 3D technology. Hence looking for someone actively following it for comments.

I actually want to get my own glasses. Can't bear getting those slimy glasses again and wiping my aee off trying to clean them.

This has been bugging me for quite some time.

Thanks :)


Just found out that LG glasses can be used, Still researching more...

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They operate on the same technology so I assume they would work at movie theaters too.
I've also read somewhere that they have the designer line of 3D glasses that you can also wear outdoors like regular sunglasses.


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@Sarath: Yes the passive 3D glasses will work with any Passive 3D TV also the 3D glasses brought from 3D Movie theaters.
they are universal which is not the case with Active 3D glasses


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Hi Sarath. LG WRman Greg here!

Any passive 3D glasses work in the theatres because they utilize passive 3D technology -- which works in the same manner as the LG Cinema 3D Smart TVs and all other passive 3D brands. Passive 3D works via circular polarization, which is a way polarized lenses filter out the "left" and "right" images that create the 3D effect. Therefore, the 3D effect is, in essence, created by the TV/film projector itself. On the other hand, like Zangetsu said, that is not the case for active 3D. Active 3D utilizes shutter glasses with linear polarization. Half of the "work" needed to create the 3D effect is done by the TV, and the other half by the glasses themselves. This means that there must be some line of communication between the TV and glasses -- and most active 3D brands use their own propriety glasses, so active 3D glasses cannot be interchanged between brands.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask or check out the official site for more info at 3D TVs: Discover 3D Televisions | LG India
LG WRman Greg out!

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As regards what WR Greg has said, first, active 3D glasses do NOT use polarization of light to get a 3D effect - the manner of getting a 3D image is entirely different in case of active 3D TVs. And second, with respect to "half of 3D work done by TV and half by 3D glasses" - this fact holds true even in case of passive 3D TVs - the FPR coated TV screen plus polarized passive 3D glasses - both are needed to get the eventual 3D effect even in passive 3D TVs. However, he is right with respect to proprietary 3D glasses - so that the active 3D glasses of one TV may not work with the TV of another brand. Universal active 3D glasses are "probably" available - but they are quite expensive, and I am not sure about their availability in India.
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