Apple iphone 5 Is Finally Out

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Apple may be notoriously secretive and tight lipped, but the company appears to be getting worse and worse at actually keeping things under wraps. The iPhone 5 appears to be the most leaked handset in existence. Thankfully, the suspense is over, the next-gen iPhone is finally here and it does, in fact, go by the numerical title of 5. Just like the parts that have been circulating this is a glass and aluminum affair and, at 7.6mm it's a full 18 percent thinner than the 4S. It's even a full 20 percent lighter at 112 grams. It's all those amazing things and it packs a larger 4-inch display. The new version of Apple's Retina panel is 1136 x 640, which clocks in at a more than respectable 326ppi.


That new longer screen allows for an extra set of icons to be displayed on the home screen, and first party apps have already been tweaked to take advantage of the additional real estate. The iWork suite, Garage Band and iMovie have all been updated. Older apps will still work too, though they'll be displayed in a letterbox format until an update is issued. The tweaked ratio puts the iPhone 5 display closer to 16:9, but it's not quite there.


The most exciting news is likely the addition of LTE. There's still HSPA+, EV-DO, EDGE and all that jazz on board, but it's the true 4G that is really generating excitement. In the US Sprint, Verizon and AT&T will all be able to take advantage of the single chip data and voice LTE solution inside. And, if you're stuck on one of those tiered data plans, the 802.11 a/b/g/n antenna should help you keep your wireless usage in check.


If the brand new radios weren't enough of a raw spec update to get your geek blood pumping, the new A6 CPU inside should push you over the edge. Apple claims its a full two times faster than the chip inside the 4S, but we'll have to wait and see how accurate that assertion is. The A6 is reportedly 22 percent smaller than its predecessor, which probably helped Cupertino achieve such slim dimension on the iPhone 5 and it's also more energy efficient -- allowing the handset to chug along for 8 hours of talk time, despite the addition of LTE. Keeping your data usage to Wi-Fi will allow you to milk up to 10 hours out of the device.


Apple's got a new iSight coming with its brand new iPhone 5: an 8-megapixel camera with a 3,264 x 2,448 backside-illuminated sensor, five-element lens, and f/2.4 aperture. "Same as the iPhone 4S, but thinner." 25 percent thinner, to be exact, to match the now slimmer iPhone. The branding remains the same -- it's still the iSight -- but a few new bells and whistles have been added alongside the slimming. A new dynamic low light mode, for one, and a fancy sapphire crystal cover. The phone's new A6 processor also helps out, offering a "smart filter" for better color matching.


In terms of functionality, there's a new panorama mode, that allows picture stitching for multiple images into one, larger shot (a whopping 28 megapixels in total). Photo sharing is also getting expanded, allowing for more social functionality -- images can be shared with multiple friends or family members, and then those folks can comment.

But you only care about video, don't you? You'll be glad to hear that it's getting expanded as well. The front facing camera now offers 720p video capture for all your extreme close-ups -- also for FaceTime, which will be available via LTE on the iPhone 5. But all cellular networks? We're not so sure just yet.


Every new iPhone needs a new engine, and Tim Cook has just made some bold claims about Apple's latest silicon creation: the A6 processor. He hinted at a significant shrinkage in transistor size, allowing the chip to be 22 percent smaller than the A5 and hence more energy-efficient, while at the same time -- he says -- doubling all-round CPU and graphics capabilities. By way of practical benefits, the Apple CEO promises the Pages app will load up 2.1x faster than before, while Keynote attachments will hit the screen 1.7x faster. Bring on the benchmarks!


The new iPhone deserves a new dock connector. Say hello to the reversible, 80 percent smaller, Lightning. The likes of Bose, BLW and B&O are already working on new compatible docks while the new connector itself is now easier to connect, more durable, all digital, with an adaptive interface which warrants some closer inspection. Naturally, an adapter will also be made available for your existing iPhone peripherals and it sounds like it should pair well with that Thunderbolt connection, right?


Now that the iPhone 5 is officially out of the bag, it's time to talk software. Apple hasn't exactly kept its cards close to its chest in regards to iOS 6: Cupertino teased the software at WWDC, letting us in on increased Facebook integration, a new map application, Passbook and "Do Not Disturb" in the process. Today the OS gets official, and we're getting a demo of the OS running on the iphone 5 showing those features and more.

Not too much new here, but the software is up an in action on the new smartphone. In Safari, you'll be able to share tabs from your desktop with your phone (dubbed iCloud Tabs). We're also seeing Passbook in action once again, bringing up a plane ticket at the lockscreen when you get to the airport, for example. One new thing here: Delta is confirmed as a partner for this digital ticket service. As we've already known, on the Siri front you can bring up sports ranking and Rotten Tomatoes movie ratings via the voice assistant. And, of course, one of the most welcome features is FaceTime over cellular -- no mention of whether that will be supported on all carriers, but it certainly looks that way.

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Apple's Retina Display is really awesome.!!!!!! Now with a bigger and better screen.


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Very underwhelming to be Honest. No HD, No NFC, dafaq?
It's more of an iPhone 4sx.


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Very underwhelming to be Honest. No HD, No NFC, dafaq?
It's more of an iPhone 4sx.

NFC is under developing feature. Yes, it has good future but not much practical use till now. It has great screen 1136x640 reso in 4" with same retina display 326ppi better than S3.


The new iPod Touch looked interesting, iPhone not so much.

Now the iPhone 4 will be available for around 22k. Nice.


No idea but iPhone 3gs will be discontinued soon. So I'm guessing that brings the iPhone 4 to 3gs's price.


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3GS stopped production on 12th sept
good run, outlasted all competition, still likely to get a few updates
so you need to move your hand just a little bit more to touch all the four corners of the screen, and they got a new usb connector... (and an adapter for existing docks) :yaaawwn:
one good fallout is that the standard for mobile gaming just got better, we can expect some intensive 3D heavy, closer to console experiences to be released now
it's all done, apple is stuck in a rut now, they need to up their game

we are not in the countries scheduled to get it on the 28th


I hope they launch Iphone 6 soon :p , if Ip5 is not the last.
This way Ip4 will become even more cheap and affordable. :p hehe


Really disappointing. HTC and Samsung had phones as good/better than the IP4S six months before apple. And seems like they fired their R&D Team.


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Good but not impressive.The features are not appealing as their previous keynotes.

So do we have 4g LTE in india? I heard airtel launched it but is it available in prepaid sim?
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