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any USB write protect software?

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Hey guys do any one of you know of any software we can use to write portect our USB drives? So that wherever we take and plug our USB,nothing can be copied, moved to and from the USB drive before we change the setting. Coz i am fed up of cleaning this Autorun.inf and other VBS scripts or viruses getting in my pen drive or iPod. I know to write-protect from registry but that only works for own PC. So guys help needed.
Secondly I need a portable standalone search tool. I don't want to use the windows search or google desktop search coz i don't want to install. And it should be fast and effective. so if anybody here knows plz inform me. Thanks in Advance.

Choto Cheeta

One thing you can do is close all availavle Driver letters !!! so even you plug in a new drive USB or any other Windows simply wont be able to asign any drive letter for it, therefore user wont be able to access it for any reason !!!
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