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Its not mine, its in one of the placed i frequent for work, theyve alloted me the PC. Otherwise I would just have installed a Gen2 ISO on it as recommended above.

The thing doesnt cause much trouble per se, but may be it is doing some more wrongs in the background. Issue is the that machine is heavily restricted in terms of usage due to the work policy, preinstalled Norton, Trend Micro, admin rights not given, USB blocked... so the only option i have is to look around in startup/services/processes etc. i guess.
It is most likely an adware which came bundled with some free software & the reason why not detected by antivirus as many antivirus by default don't scan for PUP(potentially unwanted program)/adware. Without admin rights you can't do anything about it either.


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Avg used to have that feature, not sure whether its still supported or not.
Avast also
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