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Android Music Player Remote App


Wise Old Owl
Hi I have connected one android phone which i use to play music through my Music System/Speakers.I want to contol the songs(change songs and change volume) from another android phone. Is there an app for this ?


Broken In
Another vote to move forward with the sound seeder app ! I am pretty much sure it will work out for you !


In the zone
Besides a bit lacklustre Chorus you should also give AIO Remote a try. There's a beta feature involving Android-to-Android control, so it might or might not work.

And then there is this Tablet Remote which does, just that, controls phone via Tablet. I think phone should work, again, give it a try.

Finally, Airdroid, in principle, should work. The web interface allows any device to remote control your phone, so this might or might not work.
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