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Android mobile phone in 10k


i have been looking to buy an andy in around 10k. I can stretch my budget to a max 12k.
I read about this Xperia M. Will it be in my price range? At the most I will wait till 15th of Jul.
Waiting for your quick repl.


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Model: XOLO Q700 (Brown)
Price: 9.5-9.8K
I would say it’s a very nice phone considering its price range. I won’t be judging the performance of the chipset because I have had no issues with it till now and in real world performance it does not lag in any way be it in games, music, browsing or general usage. I am using this cell phone for the past 3 weeks and I am quite satisfied with this device.

Now coming on to the proper review part:
Body and Hardware: Overall the outer chasis looks fine and elegant with a rubberized textured back panel. A couple of issues I had with the body is
1) The volume rocker and the lock-Unlock/Power is a bit raised and it comes in way of general usage ( You tend to press it by mistake)
2) The front shell and the back shell of the device is not aligned properly (Not of same size) which makes the device look not so smooth around the curves and edges
Hard ware wise, every spec is decent and performs up to the mark. Talking about the camera, it work fine in well lit surrounding, pictures captured during night or low lit conditions seems to be dark and grainy. But then again price point comes into pictures and for 9.5k, this can be considered as decent.
Software: The phone comes with Jelly bean 4.1.2 and the interface is the same as the stock one except one or two minor tweaks and some bundled apps (which are useful and not bloatware)
If any device is suffering from lag in their launcher, try installing “Nova Launcher” or “Smart Launcher” which works smoothly on this device

**Moving Application to SD Card: Many people are complaining about not having the option of moving apps to external SD card and yes this can be a problem for those who like to install lots of big games (read above 500mb) on their device. This problem can be done away by rooting the phone (which will void the warranty) and installing Link2 SD.

Games: I have played games like NFS MW, Many gameloft’s games, arcade and platform games and never had issues with performance (FYI: I have rooted my phone

Sound Quality: Earphones (In ear type) bundled with this phone looks a bit plasticky, however it produces good sound. The sound output of the speaker is a bit low but that’s not a major problem.

Screen Quality: The screen is bright and decent, well it is not amoled but it does the work. The color representation is also nice

Why you should purchase this device:
1) Below 10k price range
2) Quad core processor
3) No major Cons
4) 1gb Ram

Over all I will give this device: 4.5/5


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Q 700 is great but the capacitive buttons seem to turn off even when the display is not off they seem to be unrelated to each other just check it before you buy(source - youtube )
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