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AMD vs Intel

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plz do not post intel vs amd threads cause they cause a lotta nuisance.there r other threads on the same topic.plz refer to them


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I am in full aggreament with that.
But hey Achirag,
Welcome to the forum yaar.
U ve joined our community just today so
dont feel bad about it cos maybe this was your first
post. So for starters why dont u read the forum rules first
so that yll get an idea bout what s allowed n whats not on the forum.
Cos ur now a part of a huge community.
Use the search function n search for the relevent topic u need info on
if it exists then post it there.
N if not then make a new post.
I think there quite some threads on the intel/amd topic.
Check the hardware diss. section mate.
Anyway welcome to the forum n have fun n learn.

PS:Admins lock this thread imm.


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If U Need raw processing power for games and home entertainment, use an Intel Pentium 4 EE processor.

If you need power to run huge databases , networks, an AMD Athlon 64 FX should do AMD however has compatibility issues over its registers...
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