AMD 690 series chipsets to launch in February

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AMD will launch its 690 series chipsets by the end of this month, according the sources from Taiwan-based motherboard makers. AMD acquired chipset and graphics processing unit (GPU) company ATI in October 2006, and this new chipset series for AMD processors comes as a development of the merger.

The AMD 690 chipset series will include variants incorporating integrated graphics processors (IGP) based on the former ATI's Radeon graphics technology, and is designed to be paired with the ATI-developed SB600 south bridge, said the sources. At least two IGP versions are planned which promise to offer higher visual performance than current IGP solutions :shock:, noted the sources. Additionally, the higher-end variant, the AMD 690G, will offer extra support for features including DVI, HDMI, and HDCP, added the motherboard makers.:shock::shock:

With Nvidia's range of IGP chipsets such as the GeForce 6100 and 6150 going strong in the market, the release of the 690 series should help AMD win back the market share ATI lost after the two companies merged, added the sources.

AMD's development of IGP chipsets not only greatly advances the company's technology it also allows the company to be able to supply its own chipsets that support its CPU without relying on other chipset makers. In the long run, AMD's IGP chipsets could pose a big threat to the market covered by independent chipset makers, such as Via and SiS, as well as Intel's IGP chipset market, added the sources.

Source: Neown & DigiTimes

No info on AMD-ATi chipset supporting Intel Processors:(


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Its nice to see a powerfull integ graphics.but they are mostly aimed for the industries and not gaming.

And i am sure that it will outperform the intel X3000 hands down.So far intel has been very bad with their integ graphics.The final driver for the X3000 is not even released after several months.

As i saw the Ati x200 integ graphics in D101 and 102 boards was good enough,this will be even better.
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