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@subratabera...then i think u shud go for it. apna to yahi funda hai

I am thinking that too. But experience is a major hurdle for me. Any company only interested in experienced candidates. But I don't have any working experience in Linux/Unix servers. But that does'nt mean that I don't know anything about higher level concepts. For example, SAN, CAM, LVM, SVM, Sun Servers, Cluster computing etc. I am working on these things and hoping for the best. I've my entire virtual lab setup on my computer for practicing all these things. But studying everything is not possible on my system. Also I've access to a "V890 Sun Server". Although I cannot experiment anything on this production server. I know I'm just scratching the surface. There are a LOT OF THINGS which I don't know. But it is not possible to know all these things without working for a company. That's where I am stuck. But I'm sure I'll get my dream job sooner or later.

BTW thanks for your support.

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Can anyone tell me where in Kolkata I can find a good 24 inch LCD monitor with *-PVA, MVA or *-IPS panel, hopefully within Rs.30K? I have the following models in mind: BenQ FP241WZ and LG L246Wp, but any model of similar panel technology and comparable performance will do. I am also looking for the Intel Core i7 CPU cooler: ThermalRight Ultra-120 eXtreme 1366 RT. CoolerMaster V8 is available, but that is my second choice. I have hunted for these items in the Chandni Chowk-GC Ave area without any luck. May be you can help me. Thanks.
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