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Ajmal Kasab reading Gandhi's autobiography in jail

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Ajmal Kasab reading Gandhi's autobiography in jail

Mumbai: Mohammed Ajmal Kasab, the lone terrorist captured in the Mumbai terror attacks last year, is reading Mahatma Gandhi's autobiography 'My Experiments with Truth' for the past one week.

Kasab is reading the Urdu version of the autobiography.

The 500-page book is often given to inmates as part of jail reforms and recreational programmes. The book is available in the jail library in several languages, including Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, English, Kannada, and Urdu.

Kasab is the only terrorist captured alive by police during the operation while nine other terrorists involved in the terror attack at Taj, Oberoi-Trident Hotels and Nariman House besides Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and Cama Hospital were killed.


I wont be surprised if I see him in the next elections.:rolleyes:Iski politician ban ne ki taiyaari shuru ho chuki hai.:mad:


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what a freaking irony!!! Mahatma Gandhi practiced and preached non-violence and this moron blows up buildings and sprays people with bullets. And he is reading Gandhiji's autobiography now. Wonder if he's try to please the Congress government by doing all this...so that he can rot in our jails for another god knows how many years just like the other terrorist afzal guru.


apoorva, have you READ the book?
I have read the official english translation (I think he wrote it in Gujarati) published by the Gandhi foundation.
It's more like a big confession by Gandhi. Some interesting highlights:

1. Gandhi says it "pains him" that people call him the Mahatma. Imagine, we actually think that we are honouring him by calling him that !

2. He states clearly that the purpose of him outlining all his mistakes is so as to enlighten others and that they may not do the same mistakes.

Do read the book all of you. It's price is very nominal. I think it is subsidised.

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This is indeed quite sad, after all no one is born evil. An youth brainwashed through the so called terrorist leaders to be their pawn

His crimes cannot be pardoned but atleast he will get a chance to realise the grave mistake he has done.


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very clever. he is trying to project himself as a changed man, trying to avoid possible execution. ammo for human rights activists.
So what ? Let him atleast repent for his actions before being hanged. He needs to know what India was like before pakistan was formed and all the violence started taking place.


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I think all the people are born good. But it is the society and family conditions which changes him. I think Kasab has been changed into terrorist after a brain wash from a senior terrorist. Who knows, if he is brain washed by Gandhi's Biography, he may turn into a good perosn.

Any way,he deserves punishment.
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