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Airtel - MO/DataCard

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I have MO activated in my SIM..
was wondering if i buy a empty datacard and put this SIM in the datacard. can i browse internet then??? if yes.. then what will be my tariff.....

i mean MO unlimited plan is cheaper than datacard unlimited plan.....
whats the (technical) difference when one connects to net thru datacard and using mobile as modem ...

the faq at airtel's site ( http://airtel.in/Level2_t3data.aspx?path=2/33/180/308/182 ) says :

"Q. I am already using Mobile Office on my handset. Do I need to buy another Sim card?

No you don't require buying a separate Sim Card. However, we recommend that you buy a new Airtel Sim card as it would be convenient for you to keep the Sim Card inserted in the Airtel Data Card. In this case you can receive you phone calls on your existing number (in your handset) and you can surf the internet (through a different Sim Card) on the Airtel Data Card


can any one please bring in more clarity into this.


They mean that u will not be able to make or receive calls when u are connected to internet thru GPRS using the sim inserted.


Same card can be used in DataCard as well but unlike data cards from Tata/Reliance it doesn't give you option to make calls using datacard and laptop.

MO unlimited use plan is no longer available for now. Only existing users are getting that.
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