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"Airtel Fair Usage Policy" Limits on Unimited Broadband!

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That was an automated message for sure. Just like you there must be thousands who must be mailing them and they won't reply to every single one of them so I guess this is their typical format and they must be programmed or something to mail that if they get any message which includes "airtel policy" lol.

Sad state of Indian ISP (Airtel).


Just to clarify. If you say BSNL best hai mere liye and do nothing when other ISP starts applying these policies then woh din door nahi jab BSNL bhi Fair Usage Policy use karna shuru kar dega.

yes thats correct...but i'm not a subscriber of AIRTEL BB so what on earth can I do ?? I cant yell at their CC guys nor can I email them asking for clarifications or anything like that...so that leaves me with no option but to say what is <for now> the best option available to me <BSNL>

btw, is there any online petition or some sorta stuff going on in protest of this stupid new rule ??


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^^ I feel like doing what some computer engineers at Noida are doing- dont pay the bill for two months.
The Airtel ppl wud disconnect connection and ask you to pay up.

Your reply? "I don't have Airtel connection, so what am i supposed to pay up for"


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just saw this news now..

its absolute dog ****!!!!
any idea how many customers have D/C yet?i mean what were the guys at Airtel thinking anyway?
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According to my knowledge for newly registered users of Airtel BB, they won't be able to implement this. Bcuz acc. to TRAI they can't change the plan within 6months of registration.
The only way to stop this is to attack Airtel's goodwill & mass connection cancellation notice.


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airtel is rubbish....switch to tata..i have 384 kb/sec n i easily download over 40 gb month without any hassles


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Not really. Sometimes MTNL people forget to change the speed on a particular account so the speed goes to 2mbps, they forget to cap it. Happens a lot.

true... gov isp`s have lazy workers...

it is double edged sword.... hope u understand.....!!!! :D:D

airtel is rubbish....switch to tata..i have 384 kb/sec n i easily download over 40 gb month without any hassles

yes guys ... its time we show our intention ..!!!!!


guys is there any ongoing campaign against this we can join ? or should we create one ? .....i am sure a lot of users will join if we start one


I am not using AIRTEL but i think this is not at all fair first scrappy speed and now putting limitation on unlimited plan. I think all the user using airtel should write a complaint to the TRAI about this.
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