Age of Empires: Definitive Edition


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By making their games Windows Store exclusive, they are hurting their own business. EA and Ubisoft are different, they have 100s of games in their catalog. MS doesn't have that, they are literally playing with fire which will only burn them and no other. Had GOW4 on steam, I would had considered buying it, now I don't coz its not on steam and making 1-2 purchases for MS store is cumbersome for me. Unless the store has good catalog, its just another crap thing for me.


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Game has been pushed to unknown date in 2018 and hence those whose pre-orders were charged incorrectly before the release are being refunded. They will be getting a free download code for Rise of Nations: Extended Edition for Windows. All previous and future pre-orders will be automatically invited to closed beta.


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And we are back again! New release date is February 20 worldwide. (Source)

You can sign up for the closed beta here.

Welcome back to history! :smile:


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Any news on pricing? Also will this be on Steam? Will suck if its only on the Windows store.


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So anyone bought this, please share experience. I only liked the AOE 2 conquerors back in old days, never like the AOE3. Hope this new one is the same feeling again...


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Got it 2 days ago and the game is awesome.

I like how you can zoom the view as far in/out as you want. Also the higher population limit, extra units and great graphics.
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