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Deall All,

I have Small query. I have opted for a DSL Line from Tata Indiacom. How do I Confirm Babdwidh? --- 128/256/512 Etc???

Currently I am paying for 512 but i strongly suspect it is not 512. How do i check if it is 512 Line. (Other than Online speed testing tool)

Max Download Speed I get is 25-30 Kb and NOT 50-55 Kb as expected for 512 Line.

I am Also attaching Router Interface Snapshot.

Please assist..... :confused::(


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varunprabhakar said:
try to download a suse linux iso using download accelerator or flashget and u ll max out ur speeds

or Java JDK, sun servers are really fast, this way you will knw the actual raw download speed for yr connection, and do post the results...
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