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Broken In

I have got a pdf file... nw it is important to open the file for me. I have tried desperate measures to open but.. it does'nt. It is protected by the new Adobe DRM security. If i open it it downloads the DRM thing from adobe and says you can now read digital editions or bla bla bla... then when i open the file again it says your computer cannot open this file.

I tried Advanced PDF password recovery from elcomsoft. It says the doc was created with 'eBook Exchange(EBX_HANDLER) 64 bit secutiry v.4 encryption' which is nt supported. i tried this s/w as it claimed to remove the security resctriciton from pdf files. Try removing the password of the file.. gone the file is currupted.
somewhere i read that google helps in such cases (read in some other forum)... like i had to mail the file to gmail and view it as HTML... hmmmm it too doesn't work..

Any idea how do i get this file open?? Plz plz help me..

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