Adobe Certification in Flex OR B.Tech in GAme development[Reply Promptly PLZ]

B.Tech in Game Development/ Adobe Certification

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The One and Only
Hi, I an in urgent need for some advice here.
I have completed my Class12 exams this year and have an opportinity of joining :: Welcome to Backstagepass :: for a B.Tech in Computer Science and Game Development but i am equally interested in Adobe Technologies such A.I.R, Flash ands Flex{web development in general}.
Please suggest what should i choose to persue.

The details of both the courses are as folows-
B.Tech in CS and GAme Development
duration- 4yrs|course fees- 8lacs

Adobe Certification course
as per Adobe Partner website
Adobe - Adobe Partner Finder

Please let me know which field will be benificial(with more career prospects) and pay a higher salary during the job. Please mention if you know the average salary the two fields give.
Please reply as soon as possible.


You need B.Tech/BE still even if you do Adobe Certification!! Otherwise you won't get jobs any where, unless you want to start up your own stuff.


The One and Only
Yes, by saying that i need a or b.e you mean i need to be a Graduate. i was thinking of joining IGNOU for my graduation and do the courses along side... it would be really helpful if i could know the salaries the respective jobs offer in india and outside.
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unless you have a fulltime college degree it is an himalayan task to find a decent job even if you have exceptional skills. period.



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I think u should take up a degree course and then maybe u can take the adobe courses for flex and flash. And let me tell u my frnd flex developers hv a gr8 demand nowadays.


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touché @DigitalDude .. You know friend of mine got Maya and other anime trainings after 12th. He still struggling with 4-5k salary at media houses.


The One and Only
Ya, as far as i know if you don't do Maya from MaaC[Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematic] you have hardly any chances of landing in a good place. As for me i understood that graduation is a MUST and so i will be joining a graduation college and then do certification course along side. Happy Christmas and New Year. Thanks a lot for your help guys. I love Digit Forum.
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