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acer 4710 laptop at 32K need ur techie review

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Choto Cheeta

vabhu said:
@choto cheeta
is there any problem with acer laptops's part and service

its highly subjective... as at Kolkata i felt the local support is good enough,.. but may not be at ur case, how ever the company support is good, so may be if u see delay in local support its better u keep emailing the company notifing about ur problem :)


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I was quite concerned abt the build quality of ACER, hw will it compare with HCl, HP, LENoVO, DELL on scale of 5??


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my frd is luving his acer 4710 laptop ..... & no problems sofar ..... just go ahead & buy it ......
I am from delhi and my experience with Acer has been really bad. They cheated on me badly. The laptop started giving me problem on the second day of purchase (faulty DVD ROM) and they took 7 working days to just replace it. 16 months later the graphics started giving me problem. System hanged after running 15-20 mins in any application that uses graphics acceleration including DVD players and games, of course. I ignored it for a while. Then after 4 more months LCD got a white thick like in the middle of it. For 1 months i couldn't give it to service center coz i knew they will take atleast a month for these problems. When i gave it to them, first they refuse to accept that there is some problem with the graphics. Only when i played Quake III for half an hour in front of them (all were smiling under their mustaches like i am playing a joke in front of them ) and system hanged. They took the system and told me that graphics problem has been solved but LCD needs to be replaced. It will take 3-4 days. After 3-4 days they told me that 14.1 inch LCDs are not in stock and they have ordered it from banglore warehouse and it'll take a week more. After a week they told me that even the bagalore warehouse doesn't have it and they are importing it from singapore. It will take another 15 days. After those 15 days they didn't gave me for 4-5 more days saying that the shipment has been dispatched from there but not received on their end. After one month i got my laptop and had just 5 days remaining in warranty period being over. It worked fine for next 20 days. After that the graphics problem has re-appeared and now there is nothing i can do other than paying those BAST*ARDS to get it working again. I'm not gonna do this now, let it run for as long as it can and then i'll go for a compaq or dell based solution. Hell to them, my company purchased 50 laptops after them and none of them is Acer. Also after this incident i have never given a single person the advice to buy an Acer Laptops. For me, THEY ARE JUST CHEATS!!!!.
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