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I have a PC and want to purchase a mobile phone through which i can access Internet using mobile as a modem. Is there any facility provided by ANY MOBILE PHONE? Any mobile service provides such accessibility like HUTCH, IDEA, AIRTEL or any other in GUJARAT? Pls tell me all the procedure for that. Thanx.


u need to get gprs activated on ur cell ... contact ur service provider
and they'll help u set up the internet as well


Yes you are right , you can use a GPRS enabled mobile phone as a usb modem.But whenever you buy an electronic item

be very conscious about the reason for which you are buying that item. :lol: Let me explain.......

Actually it is a common misconception that a mobile phone being a wireless device will result in a greater data

transfer rate as far as the internet is concerned . But the speed depends on the bandwith offered by the service

provider Hutch,Airtel etc.So the actual speed of even Hutch is only 3.5 to 4 Kbps.Whereas the speed which I get on

my VSNL Dial up Connection is 48 Kbps . So it will be a mistake to buy a mobile phone to surf the net.

Costs involved in a modem based Connection -

Dlink 56 Kbps External Modem - Rs . 1500/-
VSNL 100 Hours Connection - Rs.853/-
BSNL Pulse Rate - Rs.1.20/180 seconds ( this cost is huge . Though it depends on the period of internet connectivity )
Total Cost - Rs . 2353/-

Mobile Phone based connection -

Mobile Phone Handset ( Benq M560G ) - Rs . 4450/-
Service Provider Subscription ( Airtel Postpaid ) - Rs . 500/- per month ( assuming minimal calls )
GPRS Subscription Charges - Rs.100/- per month ( in Pune )
Total Cost - Rs.5050


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abhishek....the 1100 does not have gprs....
and i dont think shyamal wants 2 use it 4 surfing the net only....
and remember that gprs is slow, it gives u unlimited surfing...
and y post paid only???? he can get prepaid cards too


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Actually if you want to use your mobile phone gprs connection to surf internet on pc Orange charges you Rs 500 for the GPRS connection, and so does Airtel.


what i think that the avg speed on he gprs is 3.5-4 KBps ie kilobytes per sec..not the bits per sec..while vsnl 48 kbps is obviously bits per sec...gprs speed varies fro 32-48 kbps for normal and 115-312 kbps for EDGE connections...


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i have used the hutch gprs service myself here in surat gujarat and in ahmedabad and it gave near dialup level speeds and was decently stable too.

but now charges structure of hutch has changed so it charges 199/- permonth as access charges and thereafter every 10 kb they charge 50 paise so ultimately the bill will bloat.

you have not included the bsnl pulse charges into the cost structure of the connection do count that too.



in delhi i used hutch and dere gprs for internet on pc was for Rs.499 (u cant use da normal gprs wich is Rs.99 for pc)....da speeds were around dialup only 2-3kb download (bandwidth was 40kbps approx).....da bandwidth speed is in KiloBITS so if u want kiloBYTES u gotta divide by 8

for eg. if connection speed is 56, then the speed wich comes wen u dwonload stuff (wich is in bytes) will be 56 divided by 8 = 7kbps. but we dont get 7 in dialup cuz da ISP's share da bandwidth

in the hutch connection, i got 40kbps bandwidth and gprs max is 43.2 or 42.3 (one of them lol) so it was good service and 24 hours so much better than dialup.....but later on they got 2 many subscribers so networks were congested so it slowed down n i left

in case u wanna kno i was using a nokia 7250 for this.


@ medpal Thanx .I edited the post .yes I forgot to count the Pulse Rate. :roll:

@ nemesis .Yes Nokia 1100 doesen't support GPRS. :shock: So the Benq M560G is the lowest costing Handset which does.

Thanx guys.
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