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Use the multiplier,its very long since I had over clocked an amd,may be in 2009 ,Im completely lost about it niw,google it out. I remember I safely did 3.7 or above on Biostar board.


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My 3rd question I Have 4 slots for RAM. Suppose if I added a new gskill dual channel 2*2RAM with 8-8-8 cas latency to my existing gskill 2*2 dual channel RAM with cas 9-9-9 will they both work fine? I mean will they work in dual channel.

Well it would be of great help if I got the above anwser too thnx

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Yeah they will,but it would be great if you can go in to the BIOS settings and time all the RAM module to CAS 9,that way it will work fine.

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Get them all to 9 and 24 that will help them to run relaxed without conflicts. If you have an Auto option just select that.

Cas or CL - 9
tRCD - 9
tRP - 9
tRAS - 24
CR - 2T or 2R or Auto
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