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about microsoft beta versions ?

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mohit sharma

hi hav a little query guys , microsoft had relesed windows vista beta version and win fx file system's beta versions. so who r the persons 2 whom these test versions are given 2 try and are they available to all ?


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these are released for software developer and IT professionals so that they could find bugs and other problems as well as develop software for it. And as for downloading beta version any MSDN Subscriber could download it, for others I don't know.


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well those r meant for ppl who can deploy it and find bugs and report it to microsoft who later has an idea of even small bugs to be taken care of in beta 2 release.

Its really not for experience purpose. And if somebody is so interested in deploying such a thing, he/she 'd be a subscriber to msdn series, thats what they ppl think.

but there r always other ways to make them available on your desktops.

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Vista is available to developers ,but u can arrange in many other ways,its almost 1.7gb download stuff!!

I hope u get what i said!!


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Microsoft’s Beta EULA does not permit production usage of software. Purely testing as they are not stable and can cause data loss.
could be vital in case of Office purpose.

@neerajvohra: its aint 1.7gb, its 2.49gb minimum
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