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About Cellphones <18K

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I want to buy a new cellphone from Nokia. Can anyone please suggest me a good model which costs less than Rs. 18000?

I also wanted to know how much exactly does the Nokia 7710 cost here in India.


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go for a 6681 or N70( if u can increase ur budget by 4k)

7710 is a good phone. My cousin just got 1 3 weeks ago. It cost him bout 18.5 k


6681 is a good one and N70 a great one.

But if you don't mind Sony Ericsson, have a look at W800i. I think it should fit your budget and has a good feature set.


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The W800i's official price is Rs. 19,000 but I can bet that you can steal a deal at Rs. 18,000 if you are a tad resourceful.


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Why dont you try O2 Mini...
My friend got it a month ago for 20k (don't know whats the current price..)
but the fone surely rocks.... windows mediaplayer 10, internet explorer, good sound quality and whatnot...
the only minus point is its camera..


i have a 7710.it felt great for a while but now i am tired of it beacuse of it's size and touchscreen.get one 6681.


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My friend got SE W800i today for 18k and he says its from an authorised dealer. And I asked at another place(not an authrised dealer), it cost Rs. 16k there. So, I guess it will fall within your range.


Yeah..and if u are not a big fan of the Orange Colour..go for the K750i.

For Nokia as you have suggested..the 7710 is a little too big IMO. Try for the 6681, good symbian phone or the N70 if you can stretch your budget.


What do u mean aryayush...did i say something wrong..or are u just post boosting??

And for Nokia models..maybe the N70 can be bought for dat price..one of my frnds got it for abt 18.5 K..but think its a gray market piece!


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I think 02 Mini is the way to go...
I own both N6600, and W800i, i've also tried O2 mini and felt it's better than both..
Writing sms's using the stylus on its large screen feels great, it easily understands running handwriting..
Check its current price, i think u'l be able to get it within 19k.
Nokia's and SE's are too common... try something new..
you can also try Moto RazrV3i, if you want to flaunt..
i think its available for 14-16k
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