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About Broadband connection , which is better?

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I want broadband connection in hyderabad.

Which one is better ( in unlimited plan )?

- AIRTEL ( 1099, 1399 - which is better )

- BSNL ( 750 (256kbps) )

- Reliance , Tata Indicom ( i dont know plans , are they high? )


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Airtel rocks anytime. But it has Fair Use Policy, which limits ur unlimited plan...

BSNL comes after that. Not so up to the mark customer care (AFAIK) rest are so-so...

I've very bad exp. about TATA Indicom....so....


I think Airtel has a plan for around 799 which is equivalent to the BSNL 750UL plan (256kbps Unlimited)... And since 256kbps is min. speed for broadband, they dont apply the Fair Usage Policy on this AFAIK...



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I am using BSNL BroadBand for about 2 years. I am happy
with it. No major problem. BSNL also have a fortnight from
today for marketing their products. My vote for BSNL


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go for airtel if you are getting it spending extra 100 bucks will suit you if you really want 24 hrs service without any issues.
BSNL 2nd best.

similar to rhitwick I rule out reliance or Tata Indicom.
Then comes Hathway, never used it but many people have said it is good. Especially you need to consider it as they have the cheapest unlimited 256 KBps plan and also give 24 hrs support service,


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My first choice also - airtel.

- But I read from new, tikona want to bid to wireless 3G broadband spectrum ( upto 25 mbps ) , Is tikona broadband is good in hyderabad?

- Basically for bsnl, we are bachelors . We will staying only 3-4 months in present area, so that i prefer airtel .

~ Thank you all for replies..... :razz:


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From cost-quality perspective, BSNL DataOne is the best I think. At Rs. 5000/- a year, you can get 2.5 GB per month download, 2-8AM unlimited download with up to 2 mbps speed.


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As far as airtel is concerned they have fair usage caps... so if you are okay with that then i suggest stick to airtel for good CC and constant uptime.... if you cant live with that get BSNL, but don't go for TATA...


priority 1 : airtel

priority 2 : BSNL

priority 3 : TATA a strict NO-NO


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I always add reliance in that list too. some may say it is good, but I am on different level, I do not consider whole of Reliance industries of any good. :D, there service wont be even half of what you get in BSNL, besides getting BSNL connections has got faster now, they do not keep you waiting for weeks, and you just need to have your exchange's no, also there is a direct customer care where you can put your issue through their IVRS system, for which they respond properly that is what I have seen in Bangalore.


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i have bsnl 750+UL plans for two years. customer service is improved as in airtel. no major issues. they maintain the minimum speed 32 kBps..

Please dont go to TATA INDICOM... it just like suside...

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