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hi all...
now i have a new request for the geeks of this forum.
i wish to build a personal website. it is to have a lot of data, pictures, and almost evrything one places in his/her personal site. so i want to know how to proceed. i also wish to know what are things like html, xml, php, mysql etc and how to utililise them to build my website. i have no idea about web designing, but i really wish to learn. so please tell me how i begin.
in short, i want a step by step modus operendi on how an absolute novice goes about designing and creating a useful website he can show to people.


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try front page which comes with ms word, power piont etc. (at the cost of big size)
its easy.

if u want to make the size of ur site small u will have to go in detail and use notepad for making webpages.
try getting help from google.


for a step by step web design guide it is best to go for coaching at a computer center
i did webdesigning on frontpage on a trial and error basis and to some extend i am successful. it is true that i dont know everything abt webdesigning but i dare say that i know at least a 1 or 2


if u just wanna make a basic site u can use the tools of the website like geocities and all....they have these page builders where u just choose the background, upload pics and choose where u want em 2 be...etc


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i wud suggest go 4 Site Spinner ...its a gr8 tool to build a Site..and most of all req no knowledge bout.....hmm ....HTML,JAVA,Flash..etc....


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Try this site http://www,w3schools.com, it has got a lot of teaching materials on web designing. It has got tutorials from html to wml, wap, scripting, etc. But you need to give it some time and effort to learn this things. Well I personally feel its better to learn from some training institute. But if you want to learn some basic html or so this is a good way to learn as well as cheap. You can also invest in What You See Is What You Get(WYSIWYG) Editors like MS FrontPage or Macromedia's Dreamweaver. I would recommend dreamweaver, if possible cos its very user friendly and provides easy interface for novices.
Hope this helps. And if there is any mistakes in posting please correct me cos this is my first posting. :D


wow, thanks guys. now, can you give me the names of some good, free web hosting providers who allow pages with characters of indian languages, preferably bengali? the few i've found out allow only english and a few europian languages.
also, i want to know if i can start to making the pages with frontpage/html, and then shift over to php/mysql when i learn them. and is it possible to convert all the pages?



good site for many tutorials
for hindi...all sites work
just type wat u want to in dat font
then give a link on the page IN ENGLISH to download and install the font

u can rite "If you are unable to see the Bengali/Hindi font, please download and install this font" or something like that

once the viewers hav installed the font in their pc they will b able 2 c it correctly

a good hindi font on the net is SHUSHA. if u wanna look for more then google it.
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