A Decent CPU for 25000, Possible??

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Hey guys!
I'm gonna buy a new CPU (already got monitor, keyboard, mouse and UPS) so I kinda need a specification for it, although it will be for general usage, it will surely come under heavy load as I do some intensive work like photoshop and max rendering...

I'm thinking of trying out Quad Core CPU and some good mobo(& maybe gfx card) so that I can play some new games at a decent rate..

so the stuff I require is :
DVD Writer
Hard Drive


4Ghz Here I come !
Palit 9600GSO Sonic-6500
Transcend DDR 2 2 GB 800 Mhz 1950
ABit IP35-E 5350
Q6600 9650
Samsung 20x SATA SH-203B 1200
Western Digital Sata 2 320 GB (16 MB Buffer) 2850
And a cabinet would set u aback by Rs.29000.

Or you could just drop the idea of going quad core and settle for a E7200 for Rs.5900.
Thats a total of Rs.25250


Intel OCer
mobo:abit ip35e---5k
procy:e8400 9k
RAM:transcend 2gb ddr2 800----2k
hard drive:go for western digital 320GB at 3k or 500
gb at 4.5k
DVD writer:A lot of options out there to chose from...will cost arround 2k
cabinet:spend around 2-3k...plenty of models to chose from...try to get something from antec/cooler master.
total 25k
Also i suggest a graphics card...the 8600gt--5k or if u have a bigger budget then go for 8800gt or 9600gt
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