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A curious case!!!


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its a week long problem with my hp-compaq preasrio 1720il bundled out with ATI Raedeon xpress 200 series graphic card/adapter(512 MB memory shared with RAM).
My problem is that after a use of my PC to 10-15 minutes, its starts to flicker and goes on continuously ... leads to difficulty in reading a single word.:shock:
My PC is being running with 1.8 GB RAM with 80 GB HDD having intel pentium 4 processor
plz let me know that is there any conflicting issues with my present configuration or it is just simply my monitor SAMSUNG syncmaster's one
recently i read about this flickering issue, and solution is being provided as to switch off the Adapter hardware in the device manager, as i am not so big champ in the field of computers, so i m hesistating to do it
please guys let me know is there any real solution to this problem ...
hoping for the positive and thanks in advance ...:oops:


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Check the VGA cable...(the one that runs from your Cabinet to your monitor)..perhaps, its loose....wiggle it a little and see if the flicker vanishes...

If not, degauss your monitor...Go to your Monitor menu (push the menu button on your monitor body) and cycle through till you find degauss...when you degauss, your screen will shake and adjust...once you degauss, switch off your monitor for 10-15 minutes (don't shutdown pc) and switch back on to check!

Best of luck!!
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