A 3G Android tablet


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Yes, There is lot of potential in India, there are practically hundred's of sectors where these tablets can be used for. Being a developer my self, I am looking forward for cheap Android based tablet's.


Right off the assembly line
After reading the article "The 'not so smart' Phones" in the February 2011 issue of Digit, especially relating to Poor task Management, Bad battery life and too many screen resolutions which make it tough for app makers, I prefer to wait till the Operating Systems fight it out to provide the best possible features, battery life and the most applications along with entertaining games before voting for the OS and the gadget. Why doesn't the world fix to a single or a maximum of two OS's so that the shortcomings are rectified fast to avoid the perennial dilemma of the gadget user to live with some shortcomings of the gadget he had purchased at such astronomical prices.
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