5700 vs N91 ME

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Call me Sumit
hi ya all

which is better for playing games (good keypad) and for gud music ?
Nokia 5700 or N91 ?

also does N91 has a bigger screen than 5700 ?


Call me Sumit
please answer the q : also does N91 has a bigger screen than 5700 ?
and how is the keypad of 5700 ? does ur thumb hurt after 2 hrs of playing ?


Rockin g33k
well if u want pure music nirvana then go for the n91..coz when it cums to muzic 5700 is nt up there..i personally have a 5700 and after comparing it with se and other nokia music phns i hav cum to this conclusion

well the screen in 5700 is mst probably bigger than the one in n91
5700 is a 9.2 3rdv smartphn and supports a2dp whereas n91 doesnt..so

keep those in mind and choose..
and the joysticks pathetic but the keypad is good



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The keys of 5700 are definitely better than n91.. N91 is a very heavy fone.. Also it has a 256k screen whereas 5700 has a 16m color one.. The screen size of a 5700 is bigger than n91.. It has os9.2 and a2dp and class 32 edge- better again then n91


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You want a phone for gaming? How could you even think about N91. Its keys are not easy for fast pressing and hurt with continous use. Also, its joystick is bit sharp.

5700 has bigger screen and a bigger resolution.
5700 should cost you less than 12K, about the memory card, i am not sure.


5700 comes with 512MB card for free with its pack. For 1GB you have shell out about Rs.700 or more depending on brand.
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