3G services inaugurated in India

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Dudes.. please tell me when its gonna start in hyderabad??? can't wait to use 3G on iphone!!!

384 KBPS unlimited ... 3k ???

man thats costly...

its nearly twice that of a landline .... and more...

i dont think its fair....

They have to get back the investment they put up for the 3G infra and more-over it just started and its mobile... thats the big difference.
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cudnt get it 2day.:(
the BSNL guys said that they havent received stock of 3G sim cards.shall be getting it by Monday/Tuesday next week.


finally 3g launched yesterday in 11 cites Agra, Dehradun, Jammu, Jaipur, Jalandhar, Lucknow, Shimla, Patna, Ranchi, Haldia, and Durgapur.
interesingly even cities like durgapur,haldia have now 3g while mumbai and other big cities still wait.
for those who donot wish to get a new sim or change there number they will have to wait till april after which you can upgrade from 2g to 3g on existing sim.
for tariffs etc for bsnl goto http://bsnl.co.in/newsdetailed.php?news_id=448

seeing the tariff rate i have to say its too costly and will take another 6-8 months to come down so everyone can use it.
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i am getting 3G signal here in Bhubaneswar ,Orissa . But it will be lunched in 1 week as for they say ...

There is a easy way to check weather 3G is in ur city or not .i used it for my self on my N82 .

Those who have 3G enabled handset they can search the network selection in manual mode . And if 3G is there then it will show 3G before cellone . (make sure ur mobile is in dual mode it cant detect in GSM mode )

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384 KBPS unlimited ... 3k ???

man thats costly...

its nearly twice that of a landline .... and more...

i dont think its fair....
I think it is 2mbps as stated in the picture you have posted in the first post of the thread i.e. HSDPA capped at 2mbps. So, 2mbps UL @ 3K seems pretty good.

I'm not sure though.


The best plan is that of MTNL :|:


Rs.5 per MB and Rs.149 monthly rental for HSDPA. :|
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^^ Hope its gives speed upto 2MBps as states
Else its a wastage of money


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from wat i heard 2day, BSNL will be bundling the 3G sims with a new handset.if they dont sell the sim separately then there wont be many takers.


I hope it may be reachable for everyone..
and BSNL cut down the iPhone price to make 3g phone available for every1 :p


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in delhi.......
whenever u talk abt 3G
ppl say........its too costly, no one gonna to use it......!!
but if more service providers will get spectrum......the prices would come down.....
then i m definitely going to try that out......... :D :D


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I heard from one of the forum member that, in US, they charge for Incoming message tooo.
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