3g Modem and ISP compatibility


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Hi all.

What is the difference between buying a 3G Modem like huawei and using it with any internet provider and buying the modem directly with the provider. I mean in terms of connectivity and speed . If I buy directly from the respective provider will it have any advantage?

I'm planning to buy a huawei 3g modem and using Vodafone sim by activating 3g. So if I'm not happy with vodafone I can use some other without much trouble. Which is the affordable and good modem. What about this modem Huawei E303C at Rs. 1825.

Check this also 7.2 Mbps LG LUU-2100TI AT & T Wireless Unlocked USB Connect 3G Modem
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Huwaei E303C is factory unlocked and comes with warranty. The AT & T one is unlocked version and may not have warranty.

Having Huwaei E303c and it works well. No issues so far. My vote for the same.
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