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3G iPhone announced

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A reasonable price? A frickin’ reasonable price?

So, what’s an excellent, ideal price anyway? Free? Maybe the company should pay you to buy it?



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^^Lol! The pricing is absolutely incredible! (Now I so desperately hope the process of getting an iphone remains the same as in earlier model :confused: )


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It does, and if Steve Jobs remains true to his word, $299 will be the price in India too. Rs. 13,000 for a 16GB iPhone—mind blowing, I say.


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But that's exclusive of the plan you choose.
Umm… of course. Jobs is able to subsidise the price so much because Airtel is paying them big fat bucks per subscriber for it. That’s how it works.

At least you have the option to choose between Airtel and Vodafone in India. Be thankful for that.


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True. As Apple users you need to cling on to whatever ray of satisfaction you get. :D


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Awesome.. simply awesome.....Way to grab the people and the market apple.. :) A trend-setter phone in terms of beauty just gets better and better in functionality.... and at freakingly low price of 199$. believe me last time when iPhone hit the US first there was a heavy queue for days.. this time, there will be blood on streets (remember the time Playstation 3 launched) if the 3G iPhone supply doesn't meet the requirements :D..... too bad for me.. I am stuck on my Tilt for another year of contract... :(

The still persisting issues:

--> No Video Recording (Didn't ever use vid rec though in all my previous phones I owned so dun care about it but still having it would have been better). But seriously that 2 MP cam of iphone takes better pictures than my earlier SE W850i and current 3.2 MP/AF At&T Tilt.

--> No A2DP.. (I will miss this a lot)

--> Plastic.. (dun matter).


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That's Apple for you. Ripping customers by brain washing them. But, for people being tied to contracts is VFM, 'coz better at a lesser price is the cheap Indian mentality for them.

Nothing about thebluetooth issue. nothing about the Vid Rec.

My dear friend, come to the UK and try getting a decently priced unlocked phone. Go to www.play.com and check out the prices of unlocked phones. Here in the UK (and the US) locked phones along with phone plans dominate the market. I am on a sim-only monthly contract with Orange and I pay £20/month for 400 minutes and 100 texts, when my friend on a 18 month contract got a phone free (Some Sony Ericsson 3 MP phone - price factored in) for £25/month with about 800 free minutes and unlimited texts. The prepaid rates are even crazier - 20 pence/minute minimum for local calls.. that's about Rs. 16/minute!

Moral of the story: If you're living in the US/UK/Continental Europe - the areas where Apple intends to sell most of its iPhones despite India and China being far bigger and faster growing markets - it makes sense to take contracts with phones. Turns out to be cheaper. Trust me, I've spent upto £45-50/month on a prepaid connection with minimal calling.

And Aayush, the day when people stop complaining and stop asking for improvements would be the day when innovation will end.

This guy has tough standards;)

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And Aayush, the day when people stop complaining and stop asking for improvements would be the day when innovation will end.
Well said.

TUAW said:
Gizmodo is reporting that the days of activating your iPhone at home via iTunes are over. That's right, AT&T says you'll have to activate your iPhone in store either at an AT&T store or an Apple store. The process will take between 10 to 12 minutes per phone. Oh, and you won't be able to order an iPhone 3G online at launch, so you'll be at a store anyway.
Yaaaaaaahoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
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Well.. Doesnt matter. If its just $199 and the contracts are reasonable, I am definitely getting one.
Haaah! Arya, Goobi, your 'elite' club is gonna have a population explosion now. :D


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Perfect. Superb pricing at last. Am definitely going to get one 8gig model next month. Now, this is where the price should be. $199 :)

Second gen is 2000 times better than the first gen. More features for half the price.
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