32GB pendrive for sale

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hey guys just take 32000MB in your pocket...
this offer for only mumbaikar's
its costing RS.3200 negotiation till some xtenet
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Are you sure you mean 2300? Cause judging by my PM, i think you meant 3.2k.... (10 paise for 1MB I guess)

Also, what brand are we talking about here? And data transfer speeds if you have any…
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Not intrested in selling it? Please post you brand and model. And what data transfer speeds does it give?


in nagpur many cheap brands selling 32 gb , 40 gb pendrives for rs. 800-1000 . i advice not to buy unless it is of good brand


^ for chinese ? , my computer sir has bought and working fine since 1 month , letz see if it lasts more )


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such pendrives of kingston ( fake , but packing is same as the original ) are available in palika bazaar for just Rs..200/- but they stop working after 2-3 days ! and they stock even 64 gb !


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Do Not Buy Fakes!

DO NOT buy such fake pen drives.

Repeat, DO NOT BUY such pen drives.

What they have done is, they take normal 256mb pen drives, they flash them and make the size show as 32 GB or whatever. Thats what used to happen before, but now these a-holes have become even more technologically advanced. Now your pen drive will store 32 GB, but it can never be copied back on to your computer or if it can be, the data is corrupted. Since it never stored the files, it merely stored the headers.

Do not go in for such fakes, they're just waste of time and money. The shop keepers tell you then and there, it will work properly, it will store the data, we do not offer any guarantee on anything further.

DO NOT buy such useless fakes.

To buy the original, go and tell them, I want the one that actually stores 32 GB of data. Once they get an idea that the customer knows what bull***t they're pulling off, they will offer you the original pen drives (which I STILL don't trust).

I've had one too many friends who have been fooled by this scheme and the last thing I'd want is to my Tdigit friends to do the same (who definitely should have an edge over others when it comes to tech.)

Advice - Buy from Nehru Place or your local computer store.


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Commercialy til 32gb original pendrives r worthy fr manufacturin. More thn tht wud cost much. Dunget into kingston drives. Max fake r of kingston. White one with green strip.
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